Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your customers, easily and affordably…

Email marketing allows you to establish strong, long-lasting bonds with your existing customers that will enhance your relationship and ensure future business. It’s cost-effective and an excellent method to improve your loyalty and retention rates.


  • Increase the effectiveness of your existing traditional marketing.
  • Build your customer database list by allowing them to opt-in on your website.
  • Get priceless customer intelligence via on-demand, personalized email surveys.
  • Read real time tracking reports showing how many sent, open rates, click-thrus, offers printed, etc.
  • Communicate with all your customers at the touch of a button.  It’s quick, personal and effective!


We Set Up: We set up your subscriber database exported from your contact management or address book.

We Design: Your emails are professionally designed using your text, pictures and logos. You will receive a preview of the email prior to it being sent.

We Send: Your email is sent at the time and date of your choice. We personalize the email by addressing the recipient in the body of the email improving your response rates.

You View the Results: You are able to view real-time reports on who opened your email and where they clicked. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of each time. Invaluable instant data!